Solar Power Roof Vents

attic-ventilation-solar-ventilator-tampa-roofing-contractorAnother way to save money and the environment is to purchase a solar power roof vent for your home, instead of the traditional electric version. It’s cleaner, safer and more efficient .You can save up to 30 percent on your electricity costs, making the cost of the vent itself virtually negligible.

No matter what climate you live in, if you have an attic, it is important to keep fresh air moving through it. This is the only safe and reliable means of preventing mold from developing – which is disastrous for the house and the health of everyone in it, especially if they have allergies.

The most common and simple solution is a roof vent, which is heat activated. The electrical vent has been in use for years. But there are two problems with it – one, it requires the installation of power lines running through the attic and two, it can substantially increase your electric bill.

A solar power roof vent will do exactly what an electric vent will do, but you don’t need to fuss with wiring and will add nothing to your monthly power bill. Once it is installed, you are done.

If you are not confident about selecting the right one for your home and area, as well as installation, you may prefer to contact a licensed roofing contractor for advice and assistance.